Babak Saravi



  • Design, develop and implement dozens of web applications, mobile apps, and embedded applications that support day-to-day operations
  • Design and implement several application frameworks that definitively improve scalability, performance and profits of applications
  • Discern key business requirements and objectives by interfacing with stakeholders
  • Plan, develop and implement successful large-scale projects from conception to completion
  • Expert in OOD/OOP (object-oriented design/programming)  with C++ and Java development 
  • Superior analytical, time management, collaboration and problem-solving skills


Language:   C, C ++, Java, VC++, C#, Delphi, Perl, PHP, Pascal and SQL

Assembly:   8051 family, 8085 microcontroller, x86 family, Z80 and 6502 

Methodology:   UML, OOD, OOP, OOA and RUP

Technology:   MPI, openMP, SOAP, CORBA, COM, MFC, STL, ATL and ADO

OS:   Android, LINUX, WINDOWS CE/NT/9x, DOS and Verix 

Database:   MS-Access, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Novell Btrieve

Network:   OSI layers and web Programming X.25, SNMP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, SIP, VOIP, FTP, Ethernet, RS232 and RS485

Applications: Rational Rose, Matlab, R, Simulink and PSpice

Mobile devices: Android-based, PDA (pocket PC 2003), POS and Verifone 33xx series


Jan.2018 – present Research Specialist

  Michigan State University Department of Bioengineering  

As a research specialist, I started working in the Computational  Ecohydrology Group (Environmental Modeling Lab). Currently I work on numerical modeling of crop growth  by Deep learning and Neural network using google Tensorflow.

Also I was a PhD candidate in Mississippi State University at ECE department and my PhD dissertation is Evaluating the Application of Deep Learning Techniques in Agricultural Systems Modeling.

Jan.2017 – Dec.2017 Research Specialist

  Michigan State University Department of Bioengineering  

As a research specialist I am helping other researchers  in data analysis preparing electronic circuits and mobile apps for image and signal processing at  biosensing lab like following projects.

  • Working on Optical Pathogen Detection project.
  • Working on TB (tuberculosis) biosensor and diagnosis mobile app .
  • working on new brand protection technology using nanoparticles 

Designing and implementing an android mobile app for photo colorimetry and image processing to detect pathogens and diagnose  diseases in humans .

Jan.2015 – Dec.2017   PhD Student Researcher

                   Mississippi State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering .

As I passed several computer science and electrical engineering credits to up to date my  knowledge and sharpen my expertise 

My research was  

  • Ultra-Large Graph (700 million nodes) Simulator on high performance computing using task parallel approach
  • Working on power system graph simulator on high performance computing environment.

Designing a distributed graph by OOD methodology and implementation by C++ OOP, in this research we were able to simulate 142 million buses power network faster than real time on a HPC2 platform.

Apr. 2003- Dec. 2014 Senior Software Engineer

Group of Goldline, Canada Inc. 

I was a senior software engineer in this company for more than 11 years. I was working with my  developers team . I was responsible for the analysis and designing of several projects. After designing phase I usually develop some part of the code and divide and coordinate the rest of the project between my team. 

Designed and developed: 

  • Android SIP application and Sales application designed and programmed with a new and innovative application framework.
  • Dialer system with PJSIP open source for telemarketing purposes on windows platform
  • Designing sale system reports  on MSSQL by Business Objects RAS ( Report Application server) 9 (Crystal report)
  • A web portal for customer provisioning by .NET SOAP (web-services)
  • A class five softswitch (SIP proxy) with SER as a core engine on a Linux box
  • A distributed sales application with J2EE, EVC++, C# (for more than 50 salespeople with PDA across Canada in which their information will be synchronized by PDA true GPRS network with the central system)
  • An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform on a Linux Box by publicVoiceXML as VXML browser and Festival package as text to speech engine 
  • A data acquisition and marshalling system for voice over IP network
  • An application with Pocket PC 2003 SDK for remote management (configuration, software installation, updating database by ADOCE through SQLCE)
  • An online retail system on Verifone 33XX series POS under Verix OS
  • A software on handheld PC with Windows CE by embedded VC++ 4

Jan. 2000- Dec. 2002 R&D Lead System Developer/Engineer


I was the head of the software team in a large engineering team. My software team was responsible for designing and implementing  software for the communication equipment that were designed and developed in our research group.

  • Designed and developed a high-quality real-time VSAT application (that was running on Pentium II processors in protected mode) on an Industrial PC, using C/C++ and assembly by Watcom C++, following the UML notification design.
  • Developed an application for ATM and POS terminal, using VC++ and C under Windows NT
  • Implemented X.25-LAPB, X.25-XPAD and SNA-SDLC
  • Designed and implemented a distributed system, HUB for VSATs with CORBA architecture on Linux platforms

Feb. 1997- Dec. 1999 Lead Developer/ Technical Consultant

Khoram System Company

Developed an application framework on OOA/OOD and UML methodology using Delphi, VC++, STL and MFC as front-end and the back-end under Win NT 4.0 Which was networked client/server (TCP/IP, IPX, and FTP) via Novell NetWare 4.12

Jun. 1995- Feb. 1997 Software Engineer

Namvaran Engineering Company

Integrated and developed a real time, control processing, transport automation on structured or OOA/OOD methodology using C, C++, WIN32 API and SQL as front-end running MS ACCESS 2.0 and as back-end database under Win 95 and Win 3.1 which was networked via Novell NetWare 3.12.


Jan. 2015 PhD of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mississippi State University , Starkville MS

Research: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence / 

     Ultra-Large scale graph simulation on HPC

Supervisor: Dr. A. Pouyan Nejadhashemi / Dr. Mike Mazzola 

Aug. 1994 Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (System Control & Instruments)

K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Thesis title: Implementing object oriented view in system control

Supervisor: Prof. Ali Mahdmina

Dec. 1991 Bachelor of Applied Science, Electrical Engineering (Electronics)

K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Final Project: Developing a Computer Based Machine (robot) for printing and drilling    PCBs

Supervisor: Prof. Mohammad Ali Nekoui


May 2014         Embedded Systems – Shape the World

                             edX online course

                             University of Texas System

Dec. 2013 Project Management Certificate

University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Included three semester courses as follows: 

  1. Foundations of project management   
  2. Project implementation and control  
  3. Leading projects in organizations   


Quantitative Model of Irrigation Effect on Maize Yield by Deep Neural Network

Babak Saravi, A.Pouyan Nejadhashemi, Bo Tang

Neural Computing and Applications

Reducing Deep Learning Network Structure by Variable Reduction Methods in Crop Modeling

Babak Saravi, A. Pouyan Nejadhashemi, Prakash Jha, Bo Tang

Neural Computing and Applications

A Relaxation-Based Network Decomposition Algorithm for Parallel Transient Stability Simulation with Improved Convergence

J Shi, B Sullivan, M Mazzola, B Saravi, U Adhikari, T Haupt

IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 29 (3), 496-511 2 2017

Faster-than-real-time power system transient stability simulation using parallel general norton with multiport equivalent (PGNME)

B Sullivan, J Shi, M Mazzola, B Saravi

2017 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 1-5

Oral Presentations

 Ultra-large graph simulation on high performance computing cluster by task parallel approach

14th Annual MSU Graduate Student Research Symposium April 2, 2016

A Graph Model for Large Scale Simulation with Task Parallel Approach on HPC

Intel® HPC Developer Conference Nov.11-12,2017 Parallel Programming

Using Deep Learning to Create a Dynamic Crops Growth Model

2018 ASABE Annual International Meeting July 29-August 1, 2018 – Detroit, Michigan USA


1990-1995 Part-time Course Instructor, Iran Argham (NCR Iran) 

  • Programming Algorithms
  • C++ and C
  • Windows and MSDOS 
  • Microprocessors 
  • Bank teller software system

1996-Present Mentoring and supervising more than 20 software developers and research assistants 


2003- present Member of IEEE, Computer society 

1989- present Member of IEEE, Electronics society